Aluminum Timber

Decoral System sets the standard for the latest innovations in timber finish on aluminum worldwide. Timber look on aluminium is both gorgeous and adaptable to a variety of uses from decks to doorways and even store fronts.

How does aluminum timber work?
Decoral System employs innovations in faux timber on aluminium technology to create stunning materials for both business and home applications. The process begins by pre-treating raw aluminum to develop light layers of amorphous oxide. Non-hazardous powder paint is applied by electrostatic guns to create a 2.5 mils layer of coating. Heat is applied to the base coat to create lasting durability from an assortment of environmental factors.

A printed film transfer is vacuum sealed to the surface for a complete thermo print and then transferred into a customized oven. The oven transforms the ink into different forms within the paint layer before it becomes solid. Finally, the film is removed and a vivid timber look on aluminium remains.

What makes timber finish powder coating the new standard?
Instead of wasting extensive quantities of timber, our exceptional aluminium timber saves valuable resources. Faux timber on aluminium creates a realistic and durable solution to traditional building options while retaining the stunning appearance of timber. Businesses and contractors will appreciate the light-weight strength of timber finish on aluminum that saves on labour and transportation costs.

•     Timber look on aluminium protects the aluminum from weather, corrosion, humidity, light and is fire-retardant.
•     Timber finish powder coating creates a superior, high-definition coloration that does not fade compared to conventional timber.
•     Decoral System operates under precise standards, garnering certificates from the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) and acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organization.
•     Our unique system is available in a wide array of stunning colours and patterns to create a custom look.

Decoral System strives to create the newest and highest-quality products for home and business applications. We are happy to help you realise the full potential of your projects with the help of our knowledgeable professionals. For more information, please contact a representative at 1-954-755-6021 or email us at info@decoralamerica.

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