Horizon® Technology
Decoral's Horizon® technology is a low cost solution specifically designed for the industrial and automatic decoration of metal or plastic profiles in high volume.  Using Decoral's exclusive methods, most metal or plastic profiles may be decorated in a variety of wood grain patterns.  Furthermore, since the application is done at ambient temperatures, the Horizon® process also permits the decoration of virtually all plastic substrates.

With an unrivaled efficiency and flexibility to decorate both metal or plastic profiles at high speeds, the potential is vast using Decoral's Horizon® technology.


Horizon machine

Horizon Group1b


Horizon® Advantages
More cost effective than lamination or veneer
Finish suitable for outdoor applications (up to 20 year warranty)
Quick and easy setup for profile and color changes
No glues, no VOC, non fire hazard
Equipment is easy to operate (low labor factor)
UV inks are 99% reclaimable
High production capacity (up to 60 feet per minute)
Environmentally friendly

Horizon® Applications
PVC fences and railings
PVC windows and doors
PVC tables, benches, eta
Composite decks and docks
PVC suspended ceiling tiles
Interior/exterior PVC shutters
Picture frames and store fixtures
And much, much more...

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