MDF decoration: with Decoral®, or IR® or Horizon® technology is possible to decorate, in wood grain finish, any MDF boards which have been previously powder coated with Decoral powders. Below are two systems of MDF powder coating:

The IR® process is especially ideal for high volume MDF kitchen cabinetry or raised and curved panels.

The Horizon® process is instead ideal for high volume flat powder coating MDF board. In this case MDF boards can be wet coated (instead of powder coated) with a low temperature liquid paint.

The DECORAL® process is ideal for low volume with custom patterns on MDF panels.

Production costs, of both systems are much lower than regular foil lamination (profile wrapping), that is widely used in the market so far. Contact us today to learn more about MDF powder coating.

MDF kitchen cabinet decorated with IR MDF toilet seat decorated with Decoral


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