Wood Grain Powder Coatings Engineered For The 21st Century

wood grain powder coating

Simply take a quick glance to see the beauty that Decoral System's powder coating adds to any product. Ordinary materials come to life in splendid color and impeccable wood grain lines, stimulating the imagination and uplifting the spirit with impeccable print quality and high-definition, three-dimensional imaging.

However, the benefits of Decoral's system extends beyond aesthetic appeal, regardless of how much it may draw in customers' attention. Decoral System wood grain powder coatings also protect against outdoor elements, such as ultraviolet rays. The use of our powder coat systems also helps to preserve our precious forests, which are jeopardized through excess use of natural wood.

Powder coated materials are lightweight and easy to work with, which can help save on transportation and labor costs. Moreover, these materials are resistant to abrasion, humidity, wether, light, corrosion and most importantly, they are fire-retardant. Decoral System wood grain powder coatings significantly add to your bottom line.

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