Quality Is Our First Priority

Decoral System adheres to strict product standards, earning the American Architectural Manufactures Association (AAMA) certificates and Qualicoat label, acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organization.

Our powder coatings are certified for indoor and outdoor applications and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. Decoral custom coatings rise to the highest conceivable standard of performance excellence and design innovation. Our exacting quality-control regimen includes the following state-of-the-art procedures:

  • Stereoscopic observation
  • Microscope test (utilizing infrared rays)
  • Electronic scan microscope test
  • Brightness, adherence, thickness and hardness valuation
  • Bowing test, embossing test, accelerated corrosion test, impact resistance
  • Resistance to salt-acid room, accelerated aging testing
  • Boiling water resistance testing, lime resistance testing, condensed water resistance testing
  • Milling, slicing, drilling, cutting, flaring analyses

PS. You can download our QUALITY BOOK with all the laboratory testings and quality certificates by clicking here

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