Model Project 2

The profiles are laid down on the frame on top of the trolley and go into the oven, where they reach the correct temperature for the decoration process. Once they achieve that temperature, they come one by one out of the oven towards the decoration plant. The transfer film is automatically positioned between the six wheels and the profile surfaces, and the design is transferred into a layer of powder coat on the profile. The profiles are decorated at a speed of 60 ft. per minute. End each wheel automatically applies the decoration in each face of the profile. Immediately after the decoration process, the profiles are unloaded through an unloading conveyor belt. Fans located under the unloading unit immediately cool down the temperature of the profiles. The decorated profiles are ready for processing and packing.

Advantages of this plant:

  • Minimal need for personnel (maximum 2 or 3 people).
  • Very high productivity (60 ft. per minute).
  • Decoration flexibility: the plant is able to decorate all surfaces of the profiles or only some of them, and even with different patterns. The result is wide versatility in the decoration process.

Project 2 is for only profiles up to 24 ft

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