Powder Coating Machine Model VIV101

sublimation equipments

The model VIV 101 is composed of a platform on a movable trolley, situated in front of the oven. This sublimation equipment is comprised of two hinged parts, each holding a membrane, which closes manually as soon as wrapped profiles have been laid on the lower membrane. After the upper lid has been closed, a pump creates a vacuum between the two membranes. The process behind this sublimation equipment facilitates perfect adherence of the transfer film on the surface, through concerted pressure of the upper membrane. The loading operation is very easy, due to the unique shape of the platform. It also allows the work to occur at room temperature. Once the vacuum operation is finished, the frame is pushed manually into the oven, where it remains for 7 to 10 minutes until the decoration transfer is completed to a coating layer of 2.5 to 3 mils. A temperature probe controls the condition of the sublimation process. The sublimation equipments platform is able to hold parts with a maximum dimension of 40 x 35 inches.

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