Powder Coating Machine Model VIV1000

The wrapped profiles are put on a mobile trolley at the front of the oven, which is conducive for allowing work at room temperature. Next, bags that are wrapped around the profiles are then connected with a 12 aspiration head collection. These are then placed on the frame. A vacuum circuit facilitates the film to bond a precise decoration to the entire perimeter. The profiles are entered into an oven automatically and remain there for approximately 6 minutes upon the completion of the decoration transfer to a coating layer of 2.5 to 3 mils. A temperature probe monitors the profile to ensure correct sublimation. After the ideal temperature has been reached, the trolley automatically exits the oven and collectors blow cool air over it. This facilitates the removal of the bags and creates a rapid drop in temperature. Next, the profiles are decorated and can be processed and packed. The plant can be supplied with a crane for the transfer of the trolleys. The crane increases production output and facilitates the preparation of other frames, while each frame is in the oven. A double membrane frame for the decoration of flat, embossed sheets and 3-D parts can be supplied upon request. This wood grain powder coating machine is able to decorate parts with a maximum dimension of 21 x 4 ft.

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