Decorative & Wood Grain Ceiling

What can be achieved for architect, builders and manufacturers is something that has never been possible before.  The creation of the wood grain powder coating effect on any piece of aluminum or steel allows endless decorative possibilities.

Wood grain ceiling - facilitated by powder coating - is superior to any alternative method.  A person could utilize paint or real wood, but it’s still incomparable to our custom coatings.  Imagine walking into a room that has a beautiful wood grain ceiling. However, this ceiling also happens to be lightweight, eco-environmentally, maintenance-free and resistant to chipping or rotting.

The first step in creating a wood grain ceiling is to define your finished product requirements.  As with any ceiling, this has to be carefully planned with a professional but you are free to decide on its creativity side because the options are endless.  Using powder coating through the use of Decoral’s wood grain powder coating machines you can achieve a custom wood grain ceiling exactly to your specification and needs.

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