A Little Imagination Can Do Wonders.

Home decorating is a passion for millions of people, and they're always looking for something different. So why not get a little splashy? Decoral System decorative furniture coatings offer an unlimited range of colorful options, from the staid and stately to the cutting edge.


Wood Grain Patio Furniture

Beautify your regular or patio furniture with any wood grain design that you can imagine.  With Decoral’s unique patented wood grain powder coating machines, you can achieve wood grain patio furniture with ease.

This is a superior solution because Wood Grain Powder Coating is very versatile, as it can be applied to any shape or form.

Wood grain patio furniture creates products that are eco-friendly, will not rot, and have low maintenance costs. The powder coating process involves applying dry paint to aluminum or metal surfaces by means of electrostatically charging powder and spraying it on the material, allowing for endless metal decoration possibilities.

You can feel confident that your wood grain patio furniture will appear genuine and wood-made - even upon close inspection.

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