Wood Grain Aluminum Profiles

With Decoral’s powder coating, beautiful wood grain aluminum profiles with vivid designs and dazzling patterns are more than just a possibility. Aluminum wood grain profiles are appearing virtually everywhere, across all industries. Being comprised of aluminum, which weighs considerably less than steel, these structures can be customized in both shape, color and pattern. The subtle beauty of wood grain aluminum profiles will add substantially to the value of any building or structure in any industry.

The finished product is so realistic that guests will never suspect that the wood grain profiles are, in fact, powder coated. Even better, adding Decoral's wood grain on aluminum profiles helps protect against the elements.

Decoral's powder coats are currently available in 150 different wood grain finishes as well as other looks. In addition, Decoral can also create custom powder coat patterns. Contact us today to learn more about the possibilities our exclusive coating technology provides with wood grain on aluminum profiles.

wood grain aluminum profiles

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