Exterior Decking Wood Grain and Wood Grain Railing

Here you will find information about exterior wood grain for decks and railings. For starters, a deck is a flat surface, similar to a floor, that’s typically constructed outdoors and usually connected to a house, building, compound, etc. The wood grain railing is the support/enclosure built vertically generally around the perimeter.  Decking wood grain can be used in a number of ways such as a patio, part of garden landscape, to extend living areas, to provide an exterior staircase, etc.

Outdoor decking wood grain is a viable alternative to stone or other based features.

Pressure treated wood that has traditionally been used for wood decking is treated with chemicals and is known to be toxic.  Due to environmental and other concerns, alternatives have gained popularity. Decking and railing wood grain can now be achieved with the highest quality finish and result through powder coating.  Our machines’ unique power coating process is able to coat any aluminum or metal flat surface with wood grain finish for decking.   In addition to outputting a higher quality decking product with zero toxins, it is also helps prevent further logging of trees.

Railing and decking wood grain is similar to doing furniture, doors and other products.  Having this surface in your choice of color and design allows you to create endless options.  Now that powder coating is viable through the use of Decoral’s exterior wood grain powder coating machines anyone and anywhere can convert their patios or exteriors to have much more boldness and pizzazz with our decorative powder coating for the creation of decking and railing wood grain.

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